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STEM - Robotics for Kids in Mississauga & Oakville

Why STEM - Robotics for kids?

Robotics is the future. In a world where technology is rapidly changing the way we interact and live our daily lives, robots and computer programming have become increasingly important tools in the world we live in. From industrial factories to self driving vehicles and the field of medicine, robotics and programming have become and are increasingly an integral part of our lives. In an age where such advancements are taking place, it is now more important than ever that our children are ready for it.

Why GEMS for Robotics For Kids

At GEMS, we introduce Robotics for kids and Programming through STEM based learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), for students in grades 1–8. The programmable ‘bots enable every child to explore STEM principles and gain access to vital 21st century skills in a language they can understand.

​We believe in developing “The Programming Mindset” for our students. In several ways, it doesn’t really matter which programming language you learn first. Each language that you learn develops your proficiency with the programming mindset and makes it easier to learn any new language whenever it’s required.

Why GEMS for Robotics For Kids

At GEMS Robotic for Kids and coding for kids program, students learn through hands-on experiences. They are introduced to basic to advance learning concept such as Algorithm,  Conditionals statement, Loops, Variables and Sequences through coding languages that program the way a kid thinks. Initially they use built in Robots to learn these concepts and then start building Robots.

As the students progress in the Robotic for kids – Coding for kids program, they will be pushed to implement scientific knowledge of simple machines, forces and nature it self to improve the performance of robots that they themselves will build. They are introduced to Robotics and coding concept at a high level of abstraction, where, rather than focusing on complex electronics concepts, we look at the functionality of robotics and programming. Technologies used in robotics such as power sources, motors and sensors are engineered into a working robot by the students, which they learn to control with visually interactive programming software. While programming the robots, students will learn computer science concepts such as conditional operations, loops, algorithmic thinking, event handling and debugging, for a high level of control. In turn, they will also use mathematical concepts such as measurements of speed and angles to control robotic movements with precision.

Throughout the Robotics for Kids – Coding for kids programs, students are challenged in class through guided assignments and creative design projects so they can put their newly learned skills to the test. At GEMS, our students will also have the opportunity to compete in the different internal and external Robotics Competition, where they will compete with students their age worldwide.