Chess Programs In Schools

Chess Programs In Schools

This Chess program will run at your own child’s school during the lunch hour, after school program or per school schedule, if available at the school already.

Are you looking for the best institute to start – run a chess club or chess school program in your school? 

Gems Learning Institute has been offering in-school chess programs and chess lessons to enrich elementary and middle school students for over 10 years.

Our expert chess instructors bring engaging and educational chess lessons directly to your school, whether as extracurricular activities or regular classes during the school year. We offer these classes during lunches and after-school programs or per the school schedule. 

Enhance your students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills with our tailored chess programs. Let us help you inspire young minds and create a thriving chess community in your school.

Chess Class Structure

We provides a structured environment of learning. Including a game time, lecture time, practicing tactics and analyzing our students’ games.

In this program children will be familiarized with a real style environment of a chess tournament. They will learn a variety of Tactics and Openings, End games, Recording the game with square notations, Game rules, how to set up Check Mates, and a use of clock while playing the chess game. Whatever lecture is given in the class they get classwork and homework related to it.

All these students are taught by chess professionals at GEMS Learning Institute or at different schools. Our Chess team includes National level Masters, champions, Fide Masters and way more spectacular titles.

We offer these learning opportunities at two different gems locations Mississauga and Oakville.

*All students enrolled in these Chess programs receive a free membership of GEMS Chess club during the time of the program at their school. It runs every Thursday 6:30pm to 7:30pm, at GEMS Learning Institute, Mississauga Campus. Call to enquire.

Course: GC Foundaion - Age: 5+

The Foundation Level Chess Program provides a comprehensive introduction to chess, designed to equip beginners with the essential knowledge and skills. During the classes, students will learn the layout of the chessboard, the names and movements of each piece, and fundamental rules, including special moves like casting and promotion etc. The course covers primary gameplay objectives, such as check and checkmate, introductory strategies for opening principles, simple tactics like pins and forks, and basic endgames. 

Students will develop problem-solving skills through guided practice games, assessments, and reinforcement of key concepts. The course culminates with a review session, a simple quiz to assess understanding, and awarding certificates of completion. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in chess, fostering a passion for the game and preparing them for more advanced levels of learning.

There are multiple different Sub-levels in the Foundational module.


Course: GC Intermediate Age: 5+

The Intermediate Level Chess Program elevates students’ understanding and skills in chess, building upon their foundational knowledge. Students dive into advanced opening principles, mastering various opening repertoires and recognizing common traps. The course emphasizes intermediate tactics and combinations, exploring sophisticated tactical maneuvers like discovered checks and deflections. Middlegame strategies focus on positional play, attack and defence techniques, and practical endgames, including rook and pawn.

The course culminates in preparing students for competitive play, covering tournament rules, etiquette, and mental preparation techniques. Through interactive lessons, practice games, and regular assessments, students enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning abilities, gaining confidence to compete at higher levels.

There are multiple different Sub-levels in the Intermediate module.

Course: GC Advance Age: 5+

The Advanced Level Chess Program is for students with a solid chess foundation ready to master sophisticated strategies and techniques. This comprehensive program explores advanced opening theories, complex middlegame tactics, and intricate endgame scenarios. Students will explore high-level concepts such as pawn structures, piece coordination, and dynamic imbalances, enhancing their ability to formulate long-term plans and adapt to various game situations.

Regular practice games and tournament-style games will provide real-world experience, social skills and feedback, allowing students to refine their skills continuously. By the end of this course, students will understand advanced chess principles, increase their strategic and tactical prowess, and have the confidence to compete at the game’s highest levels.

There are multiple different Sub-levels in the Intermediate module.

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