Chess Program Structure

Gems Chess Lessons and Chess classes and runs once per week for 1 and half hours each time in our Mississauga and Oakville locations. First half is the game time. All chess games are played professionally and are monitored by our chess coaches that are qualified to arbitrate around the tournament. This game time is actually a real style tournament and gets submitted to Canadian Chess Federation and develops the player’s CFC rating. Based on the results three times in one year, students receive prizes/medals depending on their positioning.

In the next hour, our chess coaches provide, lessons based on defensive and aggressive openings, tactics based to checkmate, teach how to play a proper game with a proper rule set, etc.

Our Chess Coaches

Mikhail is our chess instructor and the National Chess Master and Canadian Youth Team Chess Coach for World Youth Chess Championship for quite few years in a row.

  Joy is the Fide Master teaching multiple skill levels at Mississauga and Oakville campuses.

Advait is the International Master and teaches  Mississauga and Oakville centers

Skill level

Chess classes and Chess Lessons are open to students of all ages and of all skill levels. Our coaches will determine the skill level after the assessment of your child and enroll him or her as per chess skill level class. However, it is possible that your child has little or no experience with the game at all and would like to start learning it with us. We have therefore very carefully tailored the Gems Chess curriculum from beginners to advance levels. Each level they complete the tactics, puzzles and games would all get harder.


On completion of each chess level students write down tests and an exam to get promoted to the next level. At successful completion of their level, students get awarded with a certificate and move onto the next one.