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Robotics Courses for KidS

Our Robotics for kids program is a unique program where kids start learning from the built-in robots, learn the basic of robotics, understand motors, sensors etc. concept by using them. Slowly and gradually as they progress, they start learning the robot design concepts, circuits, different kind of sensors, design and build robots and program them.

GEMS Junior Robotics for Kids

In this program students will be engaged in investigating and understanding of the simple and compound machines. They will be designing and building simple machine and will understand the mechanisms of these machines. They will be building the models and programming them using the simple interfaces.

They will also be introduced to the coding and programming concept including Algorithm, Sequencing, conditional statement and loops.

The final Robotic for Kids  project of this level is to destroy the enemy installation in Mars. Students will be designing and coding the robots to accomplish the task.

GRADE 2 and 3 - Total Levels 5 , Duration 36 to 40 weeks

GEMS Junior Robotics For Kids 2

In this program students bring their creations to life while sharpening computational thinking skills like logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and modeling simulations.

Students will build, analyse and code their real world models. They are introduced to graphical base programming interface where they program their Robots and their machines.

They will be learning the programming concepts including Algorithm, Sequencing, Conditional statements, loops and nested loops. Student will be introduced to different kinds sensors and  motors and will be programming them through out this level while building different real world inspired models..

Students will be also joining the GEMS FLL (First Lego League) Team and participating to complete the FLL (First Lego League) challenge.

GRADE 4 - Total Levels 5 , Duration 36 to 40 weeks

GEMS Fusion Robotics

We teach our students step by step the core of Robotics based on STEM principle. In this level students will be building the robot, bring them to the life, program them and share their knowledge with others. They will be learning the basic common components of the Robot including sensors, motors, body frame and power source including different programming concepts.  They will be building and programming Autonomous vehicles, Robotic Arm, Space Rover and Medical robots.

Students will be learning and coding Motors, Sequences of Commands, Types of Turns, Touch Sensors,  Ultrasonic Sensor, Thresholds, Gyro Sensor, Loops, Patterns of Behavior, Conditional Statement, Loops, Switches while building their robots

GRADE 5 & Grade 6 - Total Levels 5 , Duration 36 to 40 weeks

GEMS Youth Robotics

In this program students will be introduced to the intermediate level Robotics and programming.  They will be designing and building the metal robots and will  start learning the text base programming. They will have a deeper knowledge of motors and sensors.

GRADE 7 & Grade 8 - Total Levels 5 , Duration 36 to 40 weeks