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Our Squared Math Program For Kids Oakville is an innovative Math education program developed to challenge high-performing students. It offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience for Oakville’s young minds. Our Math curriculum is based on logical-based learning and teaches beyond Ontario Math Standards. Focusing on word problems and critical thinking allows our students to think innovatively. Our Math Tutors first start with the core Math concept and systematically develop the student’s understanding. This way, children understand the concepts and gain confidence. 


KEY ELEMENTS of our Math program

Grade Wise Advance Math
Grade Wise Advance Math
Math Problem Solving
Problem Solving
High Performance students Math Needs
Addressing High-Performance Kids' Math Needs
Math Assessments
Math Assessments
Grade Wise Advance Math

Grade Wise Advance Math

Our Oakville math lessons are tailored per academic grade and are stepping stones for developing excellent math skills for elementary and middle school students. For grades 1-5, our math curriculum introduces math concepts beyond basic and covers advanced arithmetic. From complex addition and subtraction exercises to introductory geometry and fundamentals of fractions, our math program is designed to challenge high-performance kids. For grades 6-8, our math curriculum gets intensified. We cover different topics, including pre-algebra, advanced multiplication, and division. We also introduce probability and statistics. Our problem-solving exercises allow students to tackle algebra and beyond.

Math Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Math Problem-solving is a core part of our Math program as it leads to academic success and is a highly valued skill. Students learn in our Oakville math classes that problem-solving is not only about something finding the correct answer. It is about understanding the process and developing the skills to solve problems logically and systematically. They learn different techniques, from analytical thinking approach and breaking complex math problems into smaller tasks and using math visual tools such as diagrams, graphs, and charts to visualize the problem, developing logical reasoning responses to solve the problem, and using creative math solutions to approach and solve the problem.

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Addressing High-Performance Kids' Math Needs

Our Oakville Math lessons and math classes identify and address the needs of high-performance kids. These gifted children grasp the concepts quickly, need more challenge in standard curricula, and constantly seek a deeper understanding of math topics. Our math program includes accelerated math learning tracks, complex problem-solving, and exposure to higher-level math concepts earlier in their education. Our math tutors work with these kids step by step to challenge them continuously.

Math Assessments

Math Assesments

Math assessments are an integral part of our Math Program For Kids Oakville. There are frequent quizzes, mid-terms, and annual term exams to monitor and evaluate kids' math learning progress. These math exams include problem-solving, critical thinking exercises, and math unit topics. These exams also build students' confidence in learning math and set new goals for them to achieve.

Learn Math in fun, structured and goal orenited Program In Oakville

Our Oakville Math Tutors take an interactive approach to developing math skills. They use a mix of visual aids and textual resources to make math learning fun. As our students learn math, they boost their confidence and improve their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Once the concepts are clear and topic understanding is developed, students start loving math and do better in school.

Math program for kids Oakville

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Math Summer Camps In Oakville

Our Math Summer Camps in Oakville provides an environment and opportunity for curious minds to dive into mathematics. Our goal-oriented, grade-level tailored math lessons are designed to engage the students and deepen their math expertise regarding relevant topics as per their learning sytles. Summer camps math curriculum is a mix of theory and practical application. It covers the fundamental principle to more complete realms of algebra and geometry.

Campers enhance problem-solving skills through brain-teasing activities, from logic puzzles to complex word problems. It is one of the core values of our math camps. Campers also do collaborative activities under our math tutors supervision. Through these challenges, they improve their social skills by working in teams. 

At the end of the camp, they demonstrate and showcase what has been learned throughout the week and take the math work with them home for future reference. They build their math confidence also during the week by doing different math projects.

Math Program for Kids Oakville

Squared Math Classes

Our Oakville weekly Squared Math classes are designed to challenge high-performing and gifted students. Each session is 1 hour long. Our math teacher’s dynamic approach ensures that students are constantly engaged, challenged, and inspired, making every minute count in their mathematical journey. We cover a range of content during these classes, often exceeding what is taught in a few lessons in the school.

Squared Math Curriculum

All the students are enrolled in Squared Math Program according to their current grade level, similar to their day school grade level. However, they should anticipate a significant elevation in their learning experience. Our curriculum extends well beyond the standard day school syllabus, offering a more enriched and advanced approach. We encourage our parents of high-performing children to explore the unique aspects of our proprietary curriculum and discover how it can significantly enhance their child’s academic journey in the Oakville Center.

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Gifted Student Math Program

Why Squared Math is the Best Math program for your child?

  • For students who are looking to escalate and expand their Math knowledge and Math skill set beyond the established school curriculum and into advanced level mathematics as per their learning styles. 
  • To helps students become more confident in their ability to do mathematics (Squared Math Program).
  • For students who are being limited or bored by average school curriculum and who are looking to expand their abilities by challenging themselves with complex word and logical reasoning problem solving.
  • Allows students to reason, communicate ideas, make connections and apply knowledge and skills.
  • Increases opportunities for the use of critical-thinking skills 
  • To develop the process of planning and processing skills.


Registration: $30
Monthly Fee: $135 Per Monthly
Class:1 hour class per week.
Group:  6-8 Students