squared Math Program for kids

SQUARED MATH PROGAM: For High-Performing Students Who Want to Learn More

If you are looking for a Math Program that challenges your gifted child and pushes his abilities further, your search ends with Squared Math Program.

This North American program has been conceived and designed by experienced educators of Gems Learning Institute, a premier Canadian educational organization, whose innovative, customized and one of its kind programs have changed children’s learning forever. Parents trust us for their child’s educational needs, that is why students from top schools in the country keep on coming to join our programs year after year. 

Our Squared Math Program advances children’s knowledge and skills and provides them the right guidance, direction and mentoring to lay a solid foundation for their future academic pursuits. 

KEY ELEMENTS of our program

Grade wise advance curriculum
Grade Wise Advance Math
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Problem Solving
Logical Reasoning
Math Drills
math tutor

Grade Wise Advance Math Program

The program is structured in such a way that it challenges students and builds further their mathematical thinking. It introduces students to important concepts, tackles their grade topics and makes them learn and enjoy complex topics. After bolstering the students’ current grade level, it advances them to older grade level topics.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

There are many reasons that make us stand out, one to them is that we correlate word problems that represent a real-life scenario to mathematical problems so that the students understand it from a logical perspective, and teach and enable them to learn how to gather the necessary data and then process the adequate mathematical procedure. Ultimately the program’s objective is teaching the child how to think logically and efficiently which is a beneficial characteristic that can be applied throughout their entire life and it also eases the possibility of reaching top-tier colleges further in life.

coding for kids

Logical Reasoning and IQ skills

The GEMS Squared math program exclusively promotes developing skills that will be beneficial for student’s reasoning , improving their critical thinking power, and help them with their learning curve. It broadens the whole concept of gradewide tutoring, when students will be taught IQ and spatial reasoning skills. That’s when the smart child becomes smarter!

Math Assessments

Innovative Study Curriculum

After conducting exhaustive research of students’ needs over the years, we have designed our own curriculum. Learning under our state-of-the-art curriculum automatically enables students to excel in the particular curriculum of their school.

Dynamic Environment

We provide students a lively, positive and learning friendly yet fun environment which challenges them to be the best versions of themselves. At Gems Learning Institute, teachers, students and parents work collaboratively, thus leading to great results.

coding for kids

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are highly trained, knowledgeable and hard working with many years of teaching experience. Passionate about the craft of teaching and sensitive to the learning needs of students, they teach them in a caring, endearing and exciting manner.

Grade Wise Advance Math


Before enrolling your child in this program, a comprehensive assessment will be performed to identify his strengths, interests, proficiency, learning abilities, etc. Accordingly, a customized learning approach will be adopted as per his unique learning needs.

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Focus on Skill Building

This program promotes building of problem solving, reasoning, logical thinking, reasoning, critical thinking and IQ skills in children through word real life centered word problems, drills and tests. So a solid foundation gets built in children which eases their entry into top-level colleges in the future. If you are a parent that wants to take your child’s performance on a still higher pedestal, get him enrolled in this program fast as it is just made for him.

Why Squared Math is the Best Math program for your child?

  • For students who are looking to escalate and expand their Math knowledge and Math skill set beyond the established school curriculum and into advanced level mathematics. 
  • To helps students become more confident in their ability to do mathematics (Squared Math Program).
  • For students who are being limited or bored by average school curriculum and who are looking to expand their abilities by challenging themselves with complex word and logical reasoning problem solving.
  • Allows students to reason, communicate ideas, make connections and apply knowledge and skills.
  • Increases opportunities for the use of critical-thinking skills 
  • To develop the process of planning and processing skills.
Math Tutoring


Registration: $30
Monthly Fee: $135 Per Monthly
Class:1 :00 hour class per week.
Group:  6-8 Students