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Coding Courses for KidS

GEMS coding courses for kids are designed to introduce and teach kids in a systematic way. During the course kids learn from the basic to advance level concepts. They start learning from visual block based programing to text base programing and then learn high level languages.  If your child already learn some concepts then he/she will be assess and will be placed on the right level. 

We offer in-person and online coding classes both. we have in-person coding classes exclusively at the Oakville Center. But if you are in other cities/countries including Mississauga, we provide online-hybrid coding classes. This way we cater both local students who prefer face-to-face interactions and those from neighboring areas who can join us virtually.

Coding for kids Mississauga

Game Development - Introduction Of Coding

  • This is the foundation level of learning code. At this level, students will start learning from block-based programming. 

  • Students will master programming concepts like Sequencing, Algorithm, Events, Conditional Statements, Loops. 

  • They will also learn to code 2D animation and will code and animate different characters and create interesting stories through a problem-solving approach. 

  • Students will be introduced to Game Design Concepts and will be make/code many different games. In the second level, they will code Ping Pong, Monster Hunt and Pac man games.  

  • Two Different Levels.  (Each Level is 12 Weeks Long)

Duration – 24 weeks

App Development

  • Students will be introduced to an App Development environment. They will learn how to design simple apps. 

  • Students will be learning how to use UI Interface of App Development, Variables, UI Buttons, Type of Variables, Conditional Statement, Loops, Functions, Events. They will work with different screen of an app and code them.

  • Students will be making different app through out this module. They will be making Jungle App, Greeting App,  True and Lie App, Cinema Ticketing App in the second level. 
  • In coding program for kids  second level, students will be introduced to Java Script. 
  • Two Different Levels (Each Level is 14 weeks Long)

Duration – 28 weeks

Sensor & Circuit Design.

  • This is a very unique module where students will program microcontroller and get introduced to high level computer language. 
  • In this level, students will be introduced to microcontroller concepts, learn about programing LED Lights and Buttons. They will  work with sensors and buttons, receive data from the Sensors and write a program to send instructions to the microcontroller to perform certain tasks. 
  • They will be learning and creating Traffic Signals, Earthquake Sensor, Connect the board to the block based software and program it to use as a remote controller.
  • Two Different Levels – Each Level is 12 Weeks Long

Duration – 24 Weeks

Web Development

  • Students will introduced to Web Development Fundamentals. They will learn how the Internet works.
  • They will be learning HTML in the first level and developing a simple Bio-Data website using HTML. 
  • In the second level, they will learn CSS. They will be using HTML and CSS to build a Restaurant Website, Clothing Shop, and Bike Repair website. 
  • In the third level, students will be introduced to Java script and they will be coding the simple functionality of the website using Java script.
  • There are three different levels
  • Level 1 – HTML – 14 Weeks.
  • Level 2 –  CSS – 16 Weeks  (Students will use HTML and CSS Both)
  • Level 3 – Introduction of Java script – 16 Weeks.  ( HTML, CSS And Java script)

Duration – 46 Weeks


  • Students will be introduced and start learning High- level Language. They will be setting up a Python environment and Installing it on their computer to code.

  • They will be learning, Command Line Basics, Data Types, List, Dictionaries, Tuples, Set, Functions, Debugging and Error Handling, Object,    Loops, Conditional.

  • They will be coding a simple security system, pizza order system using Python. 

Duration – 20 Weeks

Object Oriented Programming with Python

  • Students will be introduced to Object-Oriented Programming concepts.
  • They will be learning  Inheritance, Polymorphism. File I/O and Advanced Methods.
  • They will be learning how to use PDF, Excel, etc. using Python.

Duration – 16 Weeks


Registration: $30
Monthly Fee: $135 Per Monthly
Class:1 hour class per week. 
Group:  6-8 Students