Robotics Lessons For Kids

Gems Learning Institute

Robotics Lesson for KIDS

Robots are becoming a part of our daily lives now. We can program them to move, light up, make noise, have sensors to deduct things, and follow the instruction as directed. For Kids, there is nothing quite as fun and educational as building their own robots and program them for different activities or challenges. This improves children’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a fun way.

Our Robotics Lessons and Robotics classes are based on a hands-on-challenge approach, which provides a simple method of encouraging children to understand the problem and then come up with the ideas to solve the problem while working individually and in a team environment. Each lesson has a specific goal and objective and they learn a new concept in every lesson. The reinforcement of the previously learned concept is done through warm-up exercises whey they do different tasks based on previously learned concepts and then work on the new concepts.

Our Robotics class teachers also use the observing approach where students watch a robot’s ability or failure to complete a task. It is an effective way to challenging student’s problem-solving skills. When students have difficulty completing a challenge, they are motivated to improve their robot design and program in order to see if their robot works.

Our Robotics Lessons enchases children’s logical thinking and challenge them to come up with the solution logically. All the Robotics Lessons and Robotics Classes are delivered in a systematic way where children learn the foundational concepts first. Build basic robots and get introduced to intermediate to advance level concepts including motors, sensors, circuit design, etc. They design and build robots and program them to perform certain tasks.

We are the First Lego League Partner and organized a Robotics competition on behalf of them every year. Every child who is enrolled in our Robotics classes or taking robotics lessons and completed our foundation level will be eligible to be part of the First Lego League and other Robotics competitions, teams.