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RoboticS Competition

Robotics Competition

Participating in robotics competition is satisfying to explore ideas, use creativity and persistence to solve problems, apply knowledge to improve our world, respect each other, embrace our difference while working in the team and be stronger when work together.

All the students are eligible to apply for teams after finishing the appropriate levels.

First Lego League Jr

FIRST LEGO League Jr. is designed to introduce STEM concepts to kids. It gives students the opportunity to work and create while they explore science and technology concepts. Challenged to research a real-world problem to brings out the best in students. They create different model and participate in Robotic Expo.

Students who have completed GEMS Junior Kid 2 Level will be able to participate in this Robotic competition.


FIRST LEGO League introduces younger students to real-world engineering challenges by building robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. FLL teams, guided by their imaginations and adult coaches.

Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology
Apply real-world math and science concepts
Research challenges facing today’s scientists
Learn critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills
Students who have completed or near to completion GEMS Fusion Level will be eligible to apply for the Fll teams.

Zone 101 Robotics Competition

This robotic competition is more focused toward mechanical side of the robots. Teams work and explore idea to the given challenges and participate in the competition.

There are different categories of this competition and each team participate as per their skill set.

Students who have completed GEMS Junior Kid 2 Level or GEMS Fusion Level will be able to participate in this Robotic competition

Make Wonder Competition

Coding is the new team sports for the future. Teams will design solution for real world science and technology challenges by programming robots.

Students who have completed GEMS Junior Level will be able to participate in this robotic competition.

GEMS Learning Institute Robotics Competition

This competition is exclusive for only GEMS Students. All the GEMS Teams participate in this competition and  complete tasks using different technologies and robots.