Coding Program for kids Oakville Ontario

Coding Program for kids oakville

Coding Program for Kids Oakville Ontario encourage development of students proficiency in computer programming and prepares them for higher computer learning. It introduces students to the exciting but challenging world of computers.


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Coding Mindset
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Systematic Approach
coding lessons oakville
Hands On Learning
computer programming skills oakville
Skill Development
Coding Classes Oakville

Programming Mindset

Our Oakville program aims to instil a "Programming Mindset" in our students. This mindset helps build a strong foundation in programming, which facilitates learning new languages with greater ease. Regardless of the programming language learned, our curriculum is crafted to enhance proficiency in this critical thinking mindset.

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Systematic Approach

Our comprehensive Oakville coding curriculum takes a step-by-step and systematic approach to building student coding concepts, skills and knowledge. First, kids learn basic concepts and then progress to more advanced topics.

Students develop their coding skills gradually in multiple areas, including 2D animation, storytelling, game design Coding games, app making, sensors and circuit design coding for kids, web development, Python and object-oriented programming. They get introduced to AI concepts at the Advance level; with our systemic approach, students build a solid foundation and gain confidence in their coding abilities.

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Learning Through Hands-On Experiences

Instead of just studying theory, our Oakville coding lessons lets students learn by doing things. They get to experience hands-on learning. First, they build the foundational concepts followed by more advanced concepts through coding languages that allow them to program according to their ideas. Advanced concepts they will learn include algorithms, conditional statements, loops, variables, sequences, events, and functions.

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Visual Programming Tools

Our Oakville coding lessons are designed to teach foundational concepts using visual block programming tools in a fun and interactive environment. These tools have pre-made blocks of codes that can be combined to create a sequence of instructions and are easy to understand.

Once students build the proper foundation using visual tools (block programming), they transition to text-based programming languages to learn the syntax and grammar of the different text-based programming. This transition from visual to text-based programming languages happens gradually over time.

computer programming skills oakville

Skill Development

Our Oakville coding for kids lessons are designed to enhance students' skills, critical thinking, coding knowledge and understanding by teaching how a computer works, and they learn to think computationally. They develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills, learn to write code based on given instructions, solve problems by writing and debugging codes in different coding languages and become proficient coders.

In addition to these technical skills, our coding lesson helps kids improve their abstract reasoning, promote creative thinking, develop decision-making abilities and improve social skills as they work in the team environment. Overall, this program offers a well-rounded set of skills that will serve students well academically and professionally.

Learn Coding in fun, structured and goal orenited environment In Oakville

Our Oakville program provides a fun and engaging way to learn how to code using different visual and text-based tools and resources designed for kid age and levels. Kids develop their confidence, creativity and problem-solving and critical thinking skills while learning to code.

coding program for kids oakville

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Coding Summer Camps oakville

Oakville Coding Camps

Whether your child is just getting started or looking to take their coding skills to the next level, our kids coding camps Oakville are designed to cater to all students’  age groups and skill levels. Kids learn coding in a fun and engaging environment from experienced teachers specializing in teaching code to young learners. They will collaborate with their team members on coding projects and share ideas during these camps and build their social skills. Our specialized coding summer camps include an introduction to Programming, Game design and development with Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

Video Game Development

At this level in Oakville programming classes, children learn to code, build games, learn the principle of computer programming and game design in fun and engaging ways. Kids are introduced to a visual programming language to teach them the simple process of designing and building games, allowing children to experiment with different concepts and ideas without getting bogged down by the technical details. Children develop creativity, problem-solving and collaboration skills by working through video games development coding programs. 

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Mobile App Dvelopment coding

App Development

At this level in the Oakvilel classes, kids are introduced to App Design concepts and design basics in a fun and interactive environment using block-based programming. They learn to code, including loops, conditionals, and variables. They also learn App design, creating user interfaces that are easy to use and visually appealing. Throughout the program, they create different apps. As the level progresses, kids are introduced to databases and make apps to work with simple database

Sensors and circuit design

It is a unique level, kids are introduced to basic sensors and circuits using a microprocessor board. They learn how sensors work, how to access them and then write a simple code to make a decision based on receiving data from the sensors. They also learn about simple circuits. they program LED lights, motion sensors, touch sensor, different buttons etc.

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HTML, CSS, Java Script coding lessons oakville


Kids are introduced to HTML, CSS and JavaScript at this level in the Oakville center. It is a great way to transition to text-based coding from block-based programming. Initially, in the first level, they learn HTML and make simple websites using HTML. In the second level coding classes, they learn CSS coding and make a responsive website using HTML and CSS. Lastley, In the third level, they are introduced to JavaScript. They learn to use HTML, CSS and Javascript together and make interactive websites.

Python And Object orentied programming (Foundation to AdvanceD)

Python is easy to learn and understand. After completing the  HTML/CSS/Java Script Level, it becomes easier for the Oakville center coding students to understand the programming concepts and solid understanding of variables, data types, control flow and functions. After building their foundation in the coding classes, they are introduced to Object Oriented Programming concepts, including encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism.

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Registration: $30
Monthly Fee: $135 Per Monthly
Class:1 hour class per week. 
Group:  6-8 Students