gems chess

Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment. – Garry Kasparov

Gems Learning Institute takes the pride of being the best Chess Schools in the Canada which offers structured On Premises and Online Chess learning program and Chess club for children, led by Chess experts, including National Chess Masters and visiting faculty which include IMs and GMs. The program is based on complete GEMS Chess curriculum spanned over three major modules from foundation to Advance level.


Coding for Kids
Pattern Recognition
Strategic Planning
Decision Making
Analysis Skills

Why Gems Chess

Chess is more than just a board game. It is an ancient art that infuses logic and creativity in a beautiful way. At Gems, we teach kids chess in fun, organized, structured environment and systematic way . This allows kids to not only learn chess but also build their life long skills of concentration, memory, attention, critical thinking, spatial cognition, arithmetic comprehension, planning abilities and a variety of other aspects of psychological development.

At Gems, every student receive weekly lessons along with playing regular weekly tournaments. In depth knowledge and consistent practice of playing a chess game at our school, develops the real understanding and logical reasoning of the game among our students. Each class is divided into two halves. 1st half students get a lesson from the teacher and second half they play a tournament game.

Gems Program is divided into 10 different levels. Each level have specific goal to achieve and students get promoted to next level after taking the exam. Gems Chess is a year round program. Children who happens to know chess already, then need to be assessed to be place in the proper skill level class.

Presence At CYCC (Canadian Youth Chess Championship)

GEMS works closely with Canadian Chess Federation of Canada, abiding by all the chess rules and regulations. Many of our students qualify and play in Canadian Youth Chess Championship every year. We have been a sponsor at CYCC for two years (2016 and 2017). We work together hand in hand to create awareness of this amazing game of chess, helping the organization to prosper and support kids learning.

Coding for Kids

Chess Lessons

We at GEMS follows a very structured and set curriculum developed by the Chess Experts. Kids attend a 1 and half hours class, once a week. First half is pure lesson through expert Chess coaches and in the next half they play tournament style games which further gets reported to Canadian Chess Federation of Canada.


Registration: $30
Monthly Fee: $135 Per Monthly
Class:1 and Half hour class per week.
Group:  6-8 Students