Why Mathematical Confidence Matters in the kids?

Why Mathematical Confidence Matters in the kids?

The most common issue is with the children, who struggles in Math, the foundational concepts are not built right. In the later stages, when they learn more advanced concepts than these Math topics do not make sense to them. They think they are not capable of understanding and learning Math. If they make mistake, then they work toward correcting them with a negative mindset. Eventually, they start losing their Mathematical Confidence and disliking math.

There are different beliefs in our society including being good at math is an innate ability however I don’t believe in this belief. There are two different believes, Fixed mindset belief and Growth mindset belief. People with a fixed mindset believe thinks that their abilities and intelligence cannot be changed while the growth mindset believes that through study, practice, and hard work we can change our abilities. In Gems Squared Math For Kids Program, we work with the students on the growth mindset. This improves children Mathematical confidence and willingness to persevere, a positive attitude toward a mistake and learn from them.

With Patience, We Help Our Students

Our Math teachers know, children who have low self-confidence may think, they are not smart. They are most likely to make mistake or fail. During any given challenge, they may not figure out the problems and give up because they think, they are not smart enough to understand and come up with the solution. On the other hand, some students who have good Mathematical confidence look at the math problems in a different way. For them, failure is a chance to learn and grow. They usually think “What can I learn from this mistake? How can I make it better for next time?” As a Math teacher, we help every child to improve their confidence by teaching them how to learn from their mistakes. Keep encouraging them that failure does not mean that you are not smart, or you cannot be good in Math. It means that you can learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Slowly, when students start figuring out Math Problems then their confidence starts building. All the Math Lessons Oakville are prepared to challenge kids in the systematic way and continue boost their confidence.

Evaluating Mistakes

Making mistake is the biggest obstacle to overcome mathematical confidence. It affects student problem-solving ability. They do not like to try a different solution to completely figure out the math problem as they are not sure if this solution is writing or wrong. On the other hand, the students who have confidence they are not afraid of making mistake as they know that they will learn from their mistake and get better next time. Many research shows, when we make mistakes then our brain creates new pathways and connections and students learn the most after making a mistake.

Try Different Solutions To Solve A Math Problem

Children need to learn to try new ideas to solve the problem. They need to try new strategies and share their idea even it does not match with others thinking. When they believe in themselves, then their confidence increases, and they will not be afraid to try new strategies to come up with an answer in different ways. Even they do not get the right answer the first time they know that they can try another strategy and come up with the right answer. This really boosts their confidence and Math start making sense to them. Our Math Lessons encourages students to try different solutions and our math teachers works with the students to see how they come up with the answer and correct the mistake in encouraging way so they can learn the concepts right and keep trying to solve the math problems in a positive thinking.

Believing on Themselves

When students have more confidence, they rely on the teacher less and they are motivated to solve the problem themselves. They try to understand the problem first and think systematically and logically to solve the math problem. They come up with the answer and justify their own thinking. We help kids to develop their confidence through tough problems, critical thinking, productive mistakes, and different challenges.

Boosting Mathematical Confidence In The Kids

Our Math Classes For Kids Oakville environment setup allows students to feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. We encourage our students to learn from mistakes and do not be afraid of trying new strategies to solve the problem. Even if the answer is wrong, they re-think the solution of the problem with the help of the teacher and come up with the right answer while grasping the concept completely. With this process, student confidence increases.


Improving and boosting mathematical confidence in children is a key foundation step for their development. As Gem Learning Institute we nurture our students problem-solving skills and lay a strong math foundation for future learning. Our math tutors see mistakes as an opportunity to improve and student growth. We take the exploratory approach to problem solving as we guide children to embrace math with confidence.

Gems Learning Institute offers Squared Math Program (Advanced Math Program for Kids) and UCMAS Oakville Mental Math program (Abacus Based Brain Development Math Program). You can take in-person and online math classes with us.  In-person classes are available in Oakville and Mississauga centers. Contact us today for more information.