Coding for Kids – Answer for Some Parent Question

Most of the time I have been asked a lot of questions about what is coding and robotics for kids?. I have decided to answer some most common questions regarding coding for kids in this blog.

What is Coding for Kids? – What is Computer Programing for kids?

When you would like to communicate with someone then you have to use a language the other person understands. In the same way, to communicate with computers and devices we need to use the language which they understand. Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer using computer language to perform a specific task. It is also referred to as computer programming. There are different kinds of computer language programmers use to write instructions such as Visual Blocks, Python, Java, and other languages. When children learn to code it increases their problem solving, critical thinking, and logical thinking.

Why should my child learn to code?

Now are days, computing is involved in every aspect of life. Kids are growing using cell phones, tablets, using different devices and playing computer games, etc. Learning to code provides them an opportunity to understand how things are created and how they work. While learning to code they can have fun and build their knowledge by co-relating things with the real-life scenario. For e.g, they play games, by learning to code they can start making their own games, etc. In Gems Learning Institute, we teach coding for kids from basic to advance levels. Kids first learn basic concepts like conditional statements, loops and events, etc, and then start learning text-based programming languages.

Can my 6 years old learn Computer Programming or Coding? What age is appropriate to learn coding for kids?

Yes, your 6 years old can learn coding. There are different platform available which allows block programming/coding and allows teachers to teach the basic concepts of coding for kids. At Gems, we co-relate the concepts with real-world scenarios so they can understand them easily and fun environment. They start by creating games and animation using block programming and start learning challenging concepts after completing the first level.

Can I teach coding/programing to my kid at home?

I get this question a lot. Yes of course, you can start teaching coding – programming to your child at home. There are a lot of resources available which you can use. You just need to keep in mind that your child should have fun while learning and there should be a systematic way to teach so parents and children are not frustrated. There should be a proper tool selected as per child age to teach to keep him/her motivated.

In a professional institute like Gems Learning Institute, we teach kids in a fun and challenging environment where they build their knowledge gradually. Gems courses are developed by professionals who have been working in IT  and with the kids for a long time.

How to teach Coding to Kids?

Kids of all ages from JK to high schoolers can learn to code. Parents can introduce sequencing, abstraction, repetition, conditional statements, loops, and functions. These are fundamental concepts that are used in every programming language. Different apps like Scratch can be used to introduce these concepts.

What are the best programming languages for kids?

There are different apps and coding languages available to kids. Based on their age and experience level you can select the right language for them. Usually, for the beginners, visual programming language like Scratch is a better place to start.