What Is Coding and What Is It Used For?

What Is Coding and What Is It Used For?

I have been asked numerous times what is Coding and what it is used for. I have decided to write this blog to explain in detail and define Coding and essential equipment and concepts.

Coding is the process of creating instructions for computers to follow. These instructions are written using programming languages, which allow humans to communicate with machines in a way that computers can understand and execute, also known as computer programming.

Coding is used for writing and giving instructions to the computer to do a specific task. For example, when we would like a web developer to create a calculator app, Coder writes the code/set of instructions for the computer or Robot for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once the code is run, the computer understands the inputs and provides the correct answer based on the given information.

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Types of Programming Languages

There are two major types of compute programming languages. High-Level Programming Languages and Low-Level Programming Languages.

High Level Programming Languages

It is easier for humans to understand and provides a high level of abstraction. These are near to human language and allow programmers to express concepts more intuitively and readably. They are easier to debug.

Low Level Programming Languages

They require more understanding of the hardware and architecture. The code is faster and more efficient but more complex and harder to understand for humans.

Limitations of Machine Languages.

These languages are designed for the computer to understand easily. Humans usually have a more challenging time learning to code and understand them and write code in Machine Languages.

Complexity: The code is mainly based on 0,1. Computer programmers require a deep understanding of computer architecture and binary operations. It takes more work to write code in machine languages.

Lack of human readability: These languages are not easy to read and understand by humans. The code and data are presented in binary format, making it challenging for the programmer to comprehend and debug the program.

Prone to errors: Computer programmers are more susceptible to making errors due to these languages’ complex syntax. A simple mistake can lead to a program crash.  Debugging these programs is also time-consuming and challenging.

Lack of Modularity: Machine languages need to support Functions, classes and libraries. It is challenging to reuse the written source code because the development increases. High-level languages provide abstractions, readability, portability and better productivity for software development. These languages are designed and developed for humans to understand quickly and are very near to human languages.

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Famous and Widely used Languages.

Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages and widely used languages. We quickly understand Python code as it is a high-level programming language. It is often used in Artificial Intelligence, computing data analysis, and scientific research.

Java: It is what is coding an object-oriented language general-purpose computer language. It is used in apps and large-scale computer systems. It is also a high-level programming language.

C++: It is an extension of the C language. It has both low-level and high-level programming language features. It is widely used in game development, system programming, and other critical applications, allowing direct memory manipulation, hardware access, and low-level operation. It also supports high-level functions like object-oriented programming.

Many other languages like Java Script, C#, Ruby, Swift, PHP, etc. Each one is used for different purposes.

How does Coding works?

Coding or computer coding is writing instructions for a computer to perform a specific task. Coders write code or a set of instructions using computer programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, etc. which the computer understands.

General overview of how Coding works?

Programming Language Choice: There are many different coding languages available, and each of them has its grammar, syntax, and purpose. We select the programming languages as per our needs.

Design And Plan: Depending on the problem we would like to solve; we select the languages as per requirements. For example, HTML and Java Scripts and mostly used for web development. So when we are building a website, then we use these languages.

Writing the code: Before writing the code, we make a flow chart of how the process will work and then start writing the code. Writing the code includes syntax and rules of chosen programming language to write a code that the computer can interpret and perform certain tasks.;
It is a process of using machine code and identifying and fixing the errors in the machine code. The error may be syntax errors, logical errors, and not producing the right outcome. We can identify and resolve all these kinds of mistakes through debugging.

Testing: Testing the program after writing the code and fixing all the bugs is crucial. Through testing, we ensure that our program is producing the right results. It involves running the program and inputting the data with different variations. We try our best to include all the scenarios and try to break the code so we can fix any issue which we were not aware before.

How does computer works

How does computers work?

A Computer is a digital processing machine that converts the user or other inputs into binary numbers (1 and 0s). Its central processing unit (CPU) processes the information and provides the results on the output devices such as printers and monitors. The following are the basic components of a computer and how they work together to perform tasks.

Input Devices: These are hardware devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, Etc. Through these devices, users give input to the computer. 

Central Processing Unit (CPU): The computer brain performs calculations and executes instructions. The CPU reads data from the computer’s memory (RAM), performs arithmetic and logical operations on the data, and then gives the results back in memory/Screen.

Storage Devices (SSD – HDD): These are hard disk drives (HDDs, older version of storage drives) and solid-state drives (SSDs) that provide permanent storage for data and programs.


Memory (Random Access Memory): It is a temporary storage space, and the computer stores data and instructions currently being used. RAM is temporary and loses its contents when the computer is turned off.

Output Devices: These are hardware devices, such as speakers, printers, and monitors. These devices allow the computer to display or output information.

Software And Apps: This is a set of instructions that tell the computer what tasks to perform. Operating systems (such as Windows or macOS) and applications (such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop) are software examples.

The Importance of Computers in Coding.

Most of the programs/software are written and executed on the computers. It is an indispensable tool for coders.

Code Execution:
Programmers/Coders write instructions for computers to perform specific tasks and rely on them to execute and produce a precise output. Computers can process and run code quickly, and programmers can test, debug and see the results of their programs.

Development Environment:
Programmers write and edit their codes using a computer platform. They use the IDE(Integrated Development Environment), text editors, and different software to write and execute these codes on the computers.

Translation to the computer languages As it is harder to write code in a machine language than languages for humans due to this, most coders write computer programs using high-level programming languages. When we execute the codes, computers translate them to machine languages first and then process the code. The process of translating the code to machine language is called compilation or interpretation of the code. Computers can do repetitive tasks without issues, and we can automate most of the functions. They can perform complex calculations and handle large amounts of data. Once you automate the computer program enough, then it runs without any issues.

Computers-Coding and Their Relationship with Humans

Computers have become an integral part of our society and daily lives. We are using them in all the industries and our homes.

Communications: Nowadays, we can interact with each other in real-time. Most of us use email, instant messaging, and video conferencing to contact each other. Computers enable us to communicate between individuals and businesses across the globe and facilitate global collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas and information.

Information Sharing: The Internet is a packet network that works on the web/connected computers to communicate and exchange information between them. The internet allows us to search for information, explore education resources and share our ideas through blogs, websites, and social media.    

Productivity: Computers are used in every industry, enabling us to automate many tasks and functions. They process the data quickly and do analysis and complex calculations efficiently and accurately. This automation saves alto of time and resources.

Recreation And Entertainment: We use computers for gaming, streaming movies and videos, creating apps, and accessing digital connections and virtual experiences. The entertainment industry has revolutionized due to the usage of computers.

Artificial Intelligence Bot: Due to the revolution in the AI field, many virtual assistants, chatbots, and innovative home systems are increasingly available. These tools answer questions, assist with daily activities, and provide personalized support.

Education: The computer facilitates online learning, distance education, and access to educational resources. Using computers, we develop many customized courses for students to learn new concepts and technologies without restricting physical boundaries.

Coding Binary languages

What Are Binary Codes?

It is a system based on 0 and 1. Binary code represents information or data using these two numbers (0, 1). It (Binary Code) is a foundation of digital computing and communication systems. Each number or bit can be either 0 or 1. Combining the bits becomes bytes representing various data types, such as numbers and characters. The computer works based on binary code systems. They use on/off states representing 0s and 1s to process and store data. Binary code can represent more complex information systems by using combinations of bits.

Numeric Binary Codes: These are numerical values using binary digits. For example, 1101 may represent the decimal number 11.

Character Binary Codes: These are the binary representations of the characters. It allows computers to store character information.

Instructions Binary Codes: We use them to store machine instructions used by computer processors to perform calculations etc.


What Is the Difference Between Coding and Programming?

We use Coding and programming interchangeably often; however, there is a difference between the two.

What is Coding?

It is a process of writing code instructions for a computer
using a specific programming language to perform a particular task. Coding focuses on implementing the task and writing code that performs certain functions.

What is Programming?

It is a broader set of activities beyond just writing the code. It involves the process of designing, developing, and implementing software. Programming includes system analysis, problem analysis, implementation of the code, testing and debugging the software. It requires a good knowledge of software development processes and system architectures.

What types of coders are there?

Following are some types of computer coding skills coders are there.

Front-End Developers: focus on Coding the user experience and user interface of websites and web applications. They work with HTM, CSS and JavaScript to create interactive

Full Stack and Back-End Developers: focus and deal with the server side of web development. They write the code for the logic and work with the databases. They are using use Python, Java, Ruby or PHP computer languages.

Mobile App Developer: They specialize in creating tablet and mobile device applications. They use native apps using platform-specific languages like Swift (for IOS) or Java (Android).

Game Developer: Worked with specialized frameworks and programming languages like C++, C#, and Unity to design and creates video games. They also work with the game’s graphics and may work on the user interface.

What is Coding Used For?

Coding is used to create a set of instructions for computers to perform specific tasks. With these instructions, computers determine the sequence of actions and produce output based on writing logic and education. Based on the tech industry, it has a wide range of purposes and applications. Following are some of the top coding jobs and skills fields. Gems Learning Institute also offer coding courses for kids. So your child can start learning these skills in early ages.

Software Development

Coding is primarily used
for developing computer and software programs. Computer programmers write code
to create functionality of the computer software enabling users to perform specific tasks

Web Development

We use Coding to make software engineers build websites, and web developers use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create website layouts and interactive web pages. They also use PHP, Python or Ruby for data processing and interactions of web developers with databases.

Game Development

Game developers write code to design game functions, implement audio and graphics, and handle inputs. They develop video games using C++, C#, Unity or JavaScript. 

Automation And Scripting

We automate repetitive tasks by writing the code. We use Python or Power Shell to write the script to automate data processing, system administration and software development tasks. It improves the productivity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Developers use Python or specialized frameworks like TransFlow and PyTorch to create and train machine learning models, build neural networks, process natural language (NLP) and develop intelligent systems. Coding is a vital part of AI and Machine Learning.

What is computer programming?

Coding is a process of writing code for computers to perform specific operations. It involves designing and creating algorithms and logical statements using a programming language. Following are some key components, Coding definitions and computer programming languages.

Programming Languages: Humans interact with computers through programming languages. They write the codes using Python, C++, Java and Java Script. Each language has its own grammar (syntax, rules, and capabilities), allowing us to write computer code and instructions in a logical and structural manner.

Algorithms and Logic: Before writing the code, we have to design the algorithms, which are step-by-step procedures for learning code and solving a specific problem.

Data Structures: Programmers use many data structures like arrays, lists, stacks and queues to organize and manipulate data effectively within the programs.

Software Development Life Cycle: typically involves gathering information about the system, understanding and gathering project requirements, critical thinking, planning, Coding, testing,
debugging, and implementing the code.

Debugging and Troubleshooting: this is a very crucial step. In this software, developers or testing team test and try to break the code with all possible scenarios.


Should You Learn How to Code?

Coding is part of our daily life. You don’t need to be a coder or software developer to learn to code/learn how to code or learn Coding. You can look Coding for kids Parents Guide for more information. Gems also offer best coding program for kids Oakville and Mississauga cites. They also offer online coding class.

Unlocking Career Opportunities: Coding skills are in high demand in different industries. Even if you are not a coder, you can use your coding skills to use technology efficiently and be more productive in your coding career.

Problem-Solving and Logical Thinking: Before writing code to solve any problem, we break down the problem into smaller and more manageable parts and then find the logical solution. Learning to code help to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are required to teach Coding and to write better instruction for learning to code on the computer.

Creativity and Innovation: Coding allows you to bring ideas to life. Whether you want to learn Coding to build a website or develop a mobile app, Coding provides you with a creative way for innovation and expression.

Digital Literacy and Adaptability: Learn to code enhances your adaptability to technology. It equips you with the skills to understand Coding work and navigate digital tools.

Gems Learning Institute offers introductory coding courses and a Coding program for kids Oakville to speed up your learning process.

What are the most popular coding languages?


It is one of the popular languages. The syntax is simple, easy to understand, and versatile. It is used in scientific computing, data analysis, web development, machine learning, artificial Intelligence, and automation.

Java Script

It is primarily used for interactivity and dynamic web development. Every browser supports Java Script. It is used for both front-end and back-end development.


It is used for building big and enterprise-level applications. It is a general-purpose Coding language and emphasizes portability and security.

C Programming Language

It is an efficient and powerful language. It is used in game development, system software, embedded systems, and high-performance applications.


It is an efficient and powerful language. It is used in game development, system software, embedded systems, and high-performance applications

C# Programming Language

C Sharp is famous for building Windows applications, web development with ASP.NET and game development.

Finally, Coding is involved in our daily lives, and we can be more productive and automate our daily repetitive tasks.  

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