UCMAS – Abacus And Mental Math After School Program

UCMAS Oakville is a brain development program based on Mental Math and the Abacus that boosts brain power in children aged 4-13. Along with strengthening math skills, the UCMAS  approach promotes whole brain development and establishes foundation building blocks like:-

Memory (visual & auditory)

Focus and concentration

Discipline & multi-tasking

Problem solving

UCMAS Mental Math

Mental Math is when kids can calculate numbers without using any device and pen and paper in their head.

In UCMAS Oakville abacus math program, children learn and start visualizing the abacus in their minds. They learn the technique of using an abacus to do math problems, and at the same time, they start solving the math problems in their head using by visualizing the abacus using learned techniques.

UCMAS Abacus Math program is not only about doing math problems quickly in the head but also develops and improves children’s focus, concentration, and memory and problem solving.

Whole Brain Development through Abacus

Using an abacus requires coordination of the primary nerves of the human body, such as sight, sound, and finger movement, which will induce the growth of brain cells. The mind undergoes three main stages of development, namely physical contact, logical explanation, and visualization throughout the process, and the abacus acts as a bridge that connects the three stages.

More than 80% of the world population are right-handed, and right-handed people usually have more developed left brains with the less developed right brain. At the same time, the creativity side of the right brain is more than a thousand times that of the left brain. Learning the abacus will stimulate the development of the right brain at an early age.

Whether you are looking to challenge your child further, prepare your youngster for school, or improve your child’s math grades, the UCMAS Oakville after school program is designed to meet your needs. A child’s brain is primed for learning. Furthermore, its development holds the key to the child’s future. 

At UCMAS, we know that healthy brain development in childhood provides the foundation for educational achievement, confidence, and future success. Our program is designed to stimulate brain development in children aged 4-13 by training them to perform math calculations quickly and accurately using the Abacus in a fun and engaging way.

Described as “Mental Aerobics,” the UCMAS is a whole-brain development program that builds the framework for crucial cognitive and learning skills – the best route to academic success and beyond! 


Registration $30
UCMAS Kit$55
Monthly Fee: $165 Per Monthly
Class:2 hour class per week. 
Group: 8 to 10 Students

UCMAS Program Structure

UCMAS Abacus

UCMAS Mental Math Program Levels

The program has three primary modules.

Foundation Module

The students are introduced to the physical abacus and learn the foundation-level techniques.

Construction Module

Students solve complex math arithmetic problems mentally using the abacus. They become faster in mental math.

Advance Module

Students do high-speed mental math for essential arithmetic functions using Abacus and mentally.

UCMAS Program Benefits


Problem Solving

We focus on developing your child's ability to think creatively and solve problems by enhancing their critical thinking skills.

UCMAS Program Structure

Math Confidence

UCMAS students can do Arithmetic calculations faster than the traditional method, which boosts child math confidence.

UCMAS Training Method

UCMAS teachers do different series of activities during the class to build the foundation of mental math. It includes the Six Finger Abacus technique, Thinking in pictures, Speed writing etc.

French Tutoring

UCMAS Teachers

All the UCMAS Oakville course instructors gets training in the center by senior staff first. They go to the UCMAS head office for training, and once they are certified by the UCMAS head office, they start teaching in the classes.

UCMAS Math Competitions

The program has three primary modules.

UCMAS National Competition

It happens once a year, Students across Canada participate in the competition after registering for the competition. There are different categories in which each student can participate. The categories include written, visual, and Flashcards competitions.

UCMAS Global Competition

UCMAS Malaysia organizes this event once a year. All the participant travels to the venue and participates in different categories. Also, they solve 100-200 math problems in just 8 minutes. It is a tough competition as participants come from across the world.