UCMAS Competition

Internal GEMS – UCMAS Competition

Every year GEMS Institute organizes and run an Internal UCMAS competition for GEMS Students to foster confidence and appreciate all GEMS students who are preparing for the National level UCMAS Comeptition.

National UCMAS Competition

National level UCMAS Canada Competition is an official Guinness Books of World record holder in 2018, for holding the largest Abacus competition. Every year Thousands of UCMAS students participates form all over Canada in this amazing Mental Math Competition, which goes includes Visual, Listening and Flash card competitions. Overall practice for the competition improves child’s accuracy and understanding tremendously.

UCMAS International Grading Exam

All UCMAS students appears in yearly UCMAS Grading exam, which ensures required standards have been met through out the institutions worldwide. Students receive prestigious certificates from International Abacus Association/UCMAS.

UCMAS Graduation ceremony

Every year we Celebrate Success with Graduates, Honor Rolls and Baccalaureates.

On completion of full UCMAS Oakville program, UCMAS students gets invited to the UCMAS Graduation ceremony with their parents. We all celebrate together the huge hard work done by our students, commitment by our parents, and honest support, effort and teachings of our dedicated staff and management at GEMS.