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CODING - Robotics - CHESS

GEMS Learning Institute offers a cutting edge and unique STEM based programs for children. Our curriculum is designed to capture children curiosity and teach them on real world problems and applications. All the courses are designed in a way to teach basic concepts first and then build the knowledge by project based approach. 



Robotics For Kids

Robotics for Kids

At GEMS Robotic program for Kids, students learn through hands-on experiences. They are introduced to basic learning concepts such as Sensors, Motors, Circuits, Logic and Math behind circuits design etc. Initially they use built in Robots to learn these concepts and then start learning robot design, building robots and work with advance robot components, Ardunio board, Rasberry Pi, Single board computers and IOT (Internet Of Things). Learn more

Coding For Kids

Coding for Kids

We believe in developing “The Programming Mindset” for our students. In several ways, it doesn’t really matter which programming language you learn first. Each language that you learn develops your proficiency with the programming mindset and makes it easier to learn any new language whenever it’s required.
Students learn through hands-on experiences. They are introduced to basic to advance learning concept such as Algorithm, Conditionals statement, Loops, Variables, Sequences, events and functions etc through coding languages that program the way a kid thinks. Learn more

Game Programming

Game Programming

students will be using Scratch/Mblock software to code blocks and characters to gain a foundation in computational thinking, creating animated stories, games and work innovative. The drag and drop block environment enhance the learning process and allows kids to learn and understand complex concept easily in fun environment. Learn more

Programming and Electronics

Programming And Electronics (IOT Devices)

Children are introduced to different kind of programming languages and Electronic boards including Micro Bit, Halo Code, Ardiuno and Rasberry Pi. They use IOT devices to connect to the internet and work on instructor led projects.

App Development

App Development

Students will be learning the basics of App design and development, setting the environment to build Apps and coding Apps. During the course, they will be introduced to the fundamentals of technology and design-thinking methodology. They will be challenge to collaborate with their team members to create a solution to the problems.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We introduce children to AI and Machine learning with simple examples and projects. They understand how AI works, what it is, and how it is affecting our environments. Machine learning is subset of AI. Children understand the fundamentals that computers system can learn on their own from data obtained from performing previous tasks and past experiences. That means that students need to train their machine learning models once and AI devices will do the work.



Participating in robotics competition is satisfying to explore ideas, use creativity and persistence to solve problems, apply knowledge to improve our world, respect each other, embrace our difference while working in the team and be stronger when work together. Learn more

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