Squared Math Curriculum

Gems Squared

Our Curriculum

The Gems Squared Math program is a mathematical process in which students acquire and apply mathematical knowledge and skills. These processes are all inter related. Mathematical concepts, Problem solving and further communication are strongly linked together. First mastering the Math foundation through clear understanding of concepts and then further problem-solving approach encourages students to reason their way to a solution. As students engage in understanding and reasoning, our teachers further encourage them to make inference and justify solutions, in writing.

The development of communication and reflection opens the door to recognizing the range of strategies that can be used to arrive at a solution.

The mathematical processes learned in Gems Squared math cannot be separated from the knowledge and skills that students acquire throughout the year. Students must problem solve, communicate, reason, reflect, connect and present, as they develop the understanding of concepts, and the skills required in all the strands in every grad

The mathematical processes that support effective learning in Gems Sqaured math program are as follows

Some sample topics for grades from kindergarten to grade 8 are listed below