Coding for kids

Coding for kids

Our Coding for Kids program encourage development of students’ proficiency in programming and prepares them for higher computer learning. It introduces students to the exciting but challenging world of computers.

KEY ELEMENTS of our program

Coding Mindset
coding for kids
Systematic Approach
Hands On Learning
Math Drills

Programming Mindset

Coding For Kids program is specifically designed to develop “The Programming Mindset” in our students. Whichever programming language your child learns, it helps to develop his proficiency with the programming mindset and makes it easier for him to learn any new language when required.

coding for kids

Systematic Approach

This is a comprehensive program that follows a systematic and step-by-step approach for building students’ coding skills and knowledge. After learning simple and basic concepts in the beginning, students learn advanced concepts. Various levels in the program enable children to learn 2D Animation and Storytelling, Games Design, App Development, Sensors and Circuit Design Coding, Web Development, Python, Object Oriented Programming in Python and Artificial Intelligence in Python in a stepwise manner.

Learning Through Hands-On Experiences

Rather than theoretical learning, this program provides students the opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences. They learn by actually doing things. Initially, students are introduced to learning basic concepts, followed by learning of advanced concepts through coding languages, which let them program as per their thinking. The advanced learning concepts include Algorithms, Conditional Statements, Loops, Variables, Sequences, Events and Functions, etc.

Visual Programming Tools

In this program, children start by learning use of simplified visual programming tools, which enable them to build programs with pre-made blocks of codes that can be stacked together to form a sequence of instructions. Visual programming tools let students learn in a fun and engaging way. After learning through these tools, children move on to text base programming where they slowly and gradually learn how to write syntax, words and symbols for creating the programs

Skill Development

The program aims to advance skills, knowledge and understanding of students. During the course, students will develop computational thinking and understand how computers work. Also, they will start thinking logically, write simple algorithms and solve problems logically by writing and debugging code. This program imparts various benefits to students in terms of sharpening their memory and building their Abstract Reasoning, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making skills


Registration:  $30
Monthly Fee:  $107 Per Monthly
Class: 1 hour class per week.
Group:  6-8 Students